NVB is looking for Community Members willing to sew cloth face coverings

The Native Village of Barrow invites community members to create and produce cloth face coverings. The use of cloth face masks has been endorsed by the CDC, as a means of slowing the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. If you are willing and capable of producing such masks, please contact the Ms. Jeanne Pete at Jeanne.Pete@nvbarrow.net or call the Native Village of Barrow at 907-878-2325.

You may use any comfortable and effective design, which covers the face snugly and fits around the ears. Alternatively please use the CDC recommended simple Cloth Face Covering.


PLEASE NOTE: NVB Office staff are is currently closed to the public, due to measures taken to limit the spread of the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

You may direct your questions to the appropriate department, as listed below:

Main Office: (907) 852-4411 
Main Fax: (907) 852-8844 

Department: Human Resources
Director: Karyn Stricklan (acting), kstricklan@nvbarrow.net, (907) 852-8913

Department: Social Services
Director: Ms. Auggie Kignak (acting), akignak@nvbarrow.net, (907) 852-8936

- AOA Elder’s Care Program
Manager: Ms. Nora Nungasak, nnungasak@nvbarrow.net, (907) 852-8924

Workforce Development
(For matters relating to JOM, Childcare Services, Direct Employment, AVT, Higher ED)
Manager: Ms. Auggie Kignak (acting), 
akignak@nvbarrow.net, (907) 852-8936

Department: Housing 
Director: Ms. Emma Hopson, ehopson@nvbarrow.net, (907) 852-8905

Department: Realty
Director: Flossie Mongoyak, fmongoyak@nvbarrow.net, (907) 852-8923

Department: Finance
Director: Ms. Eunice Brower, ebrower@nvbarrow.net, (907) 852-8919
Accounting Manager: Ms. Laura Ungarook, lungarook@nvbarrow.net, (907) 852-8917

Department: Tribal Courts
Director: Ms. Tracy Benson, TBenson@nvbarrow.net, (907) 852-8934

Department: Tribal Operations
Director: Ms. Jaime Mongoyak, JLHopson@nvbarrow.net, (907) 852-8911

Department: Wildlife
Director: Mr. Charles Brower, charles.brower@nvbarrow.net, (907) 852-8914

Department: Tribal Transportation
Director: Mr. Charles Brower, charles.brower@nvbarrow.net, (907) 852-8914

Department: Environmental
Director: Mr. Andreas Tziolas (acting), atziolas@nvbarrow.net, (907) 301-2160

Department: Grants and Economic Development
Director: Mr. Andreas Tziolas, atziolas@nvbarrow.net, (907) 301-2160

Native Village of Barrow Mission Statement


"To protect and promote Iñupiat Rights, Self-Determination, and Self-Sufficiency, as well as Preserve and Strengthen Iñupiat Culture/Traditions for Tribal Members by providing quality services in a fair and accountable manner."

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